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Taizhou Yinhe Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful and rich around the southeastern coastal open city - Taizhou City, the company address in the 104 National Highway, away from Huangyan airport and Haimen port is very close, traffic is very convenient.

Taizhou Yinhe Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is a set of production, processing, distribution and wholesale limited liability company, specializing in the production of " upstream " brand QDX, QX, WQ, QY, QD, ZB and other ten series of more than 90 varieties of pump and fan products, to obtain a "national industrial products production license ", advanced assembly line production equipment; strictly follow the ISO9002 quality management system to ensure product quality stability. " Upstream " series of products with unique design, novel style, scientific structure, low power consumption, high efficiency, good sealing performance, durable, safe and reliable, the use of a wide range of features, welcomed and trusted by users, selling products throughout the country.

Taizhou Yinhe Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is a registered by the relevant state departments of enterprises. Company to a strong, reasonable prices, excellent service and a number of enterprises established long-term relations of cooperation.

Taizhou Yinhe Pump Industry Co., Ltd. warmly welcome all to visit, study, business negotiations.

Company quality policy: refine on, the quality of factory legislation, brand-name Xingye, people-oriented.

Company quality objectives: product market sampling qualified rate reached 100%. Allows users to purchase the product, to buy the rest assured, with the rest assured.

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